Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hindu Mythology and their Lessons..!!!

Some of best epic stories which we have studied during our childhood in the history books and a lot we have heard from our granny and grandpa. These stories are still around us in some different format.

Holy books Ramayana and Mahabharata are some the best written stories in the world. Some says its real and some says it’s totally mythology. Let's not go into the discussion about the reality of their existence or maybe we are not supposed to. However, the essence of these stories is much deeper and very helpful to many of us.

Ram's character of being "maryaada purushottama" - supreme glory of mankind, whereas on the other side the supreme politician Krishna's Character are truly create affection in you to read more about the situation they were passed through and the life they have lived. These mythological stories are vast source of lessons if you understand comprehensively and relate them with the current situation of our life and corporate culture.

As a part of my reading material, I used to read “management mythos” in Corporate Dossier supplement of Economic times on every Friday. They have these mythological stories and relate them with the office environment, corporate culture and even our life’s principals. They are worth reading and we all should imbibe them in our life.

These days, i am not able to catch-up with ET paper, so found the e-link of the "Management Mythos" author “Devdutt Pattanaik”. He is great mythologist and his articles are available here.


Dishita said...

thanks for the link.

dishantparikh said...

Thanks Dishita..welcome here..!!


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